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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Summer Dates Still Available For Your Wedding

I am currently booking for summer 2012. There are still some summer weekends available. Please visit my website if you are in need of a wedding officiant in Washington.


Looking forward to hearing your love story.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

I adore unique wedding ideas. Especially when it makes the budget stretch a little bit further by re-purposing items after the wedding.

There are SO many clever alternatives to the old wedding guest book these days.

I am in love with this thumbprint wreath. (There are also trees, which are gorgeous too!)

this one is from Bleu De Toi on ETSY

I just think this is beautiful and it becomes a treasured piece of art for your home after the wedding.
The downside is that some people may not want to get their finger inky. But if you use washable ink, and keep handi-wipes at the station, you may get a better response. This is a great idea for showers too if you don't think it will go over well at your wedding. You could also put a spin on this idea by having a tree or wreath painted with the leaves or flowers already on it, and your guests can just sign one.

Here are some other fun alternatives to the boring old guest book that never gets looked at again....

Have your guests write a message on a rock, then the rocks can be placed in a nice vase for your home:

Photo Credit to Blue Flair Photography

Instead of using a guest book, you could use a meaningful book that guests could write it. It could be something with a catchy title or something beautiful for the coffee table. Or perhaps something meaningful to the couple...

You could also have a photo book made up with your own pictures using iPhoto, Shutterfly or Tiny Prints and then put it out for your guests to sign.

Some other fun alternatives:
  • A video message guestbook
  • A wish tree with willow branches. Guests can write wishes for the couple on tags and tie on with ribbons.
  • A picture frame with engraver pen for guests to sign
  • Put out squares of card-stock for guests to write wishes on which can be scrap-booked later
  • Have guests sign a quilt square, then make a quilt out of it later
  • Use a decorative plate or vase for guests to sign.
And don't forget about the Photo Booth. LOVE. IT.

Whatever you choose, make it personal, fun and something you will really enjoy having for years to come.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Honor is my word for the year. Just one little word.

It has so many wonderful meanings and definitions. I will be exploring this word throughout the year and I anticipate that I will learn so much more about this word and also... about myself.

But for now, the first thing it says in my dictionary next to the word "honor" is high respect, esteem.

I hope that this word will find a place in your wedding.

I hope you honor yourself and your fiance.
Take time to breathe and enjoy every moment of this beautiful time in your life.
Remember that your wedding should truly honor your love story.
Honor each other throughout the planning process and learn to compromise.

I hope you honor your friends and family.
Take into consideration things that will make them feel welcome and included in your wedding.
Honor their time, by keeping on schedule.
Remember to stay grateful and honor everyone with your appreciation.

I hope you honor your vendors.
Honor your word and do what you say you're going to do.
Be kind towards everyone and be honorable in your communication.
Again, words of gratitude and appreciation as well as gratuity will honor your vendors.

I hope you will look for ways to apply honor to the most honorable
tradition between a man and woman.
If you do this trust me,
you will feel overwhelmed with honor yourself.
What you give away, you too will also receive.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yay for pink... {or Honeysuckle}

Have you seen the Pantone color for 2011? It's Honeysuckle. I love it! I love all things pink. This is pink to me.

This would be a beautiful color for a spring wedding. It would be great whether it is mixed with all white, or another color like seen here with this blue.

What do you think about using the color of the year? Do you like to go with the "in" colors or set your own pace with one of your own?

Monday, January 17, 2011

Are You Branding Your Wedding?

I have always loved brands. Brands have the ability to stir up images, memories and emotions. Whether it makes you thirsty for a Diet Coke, sentimental over your childhood Barbie or desperate to own a Louis Vuitton bag, brands can entice you.
I LOVE brands. I love my iPhone, my MAC eyeshadow, my Juicy Couture perfume and my Starbucks coffee.
Those brands seem to stand apart from so many others.
I have a photographic memory and I have always been able to recognize company logos. I could visualize the branding of companies that I wasn't even familiar with, just from seeing an ad or commercial at some point.

Branding your special day is a good idea because it connects visual elements with your wedding. It will help you to look for creative ways to incorporate your brand into your wedding while achieving a consistent look.

Here are some fun branding ideas:

Start with choosing your style, theme, colors and an appropriate logo for your style (casual, contemporary, etc....)

this is a logo by marrymonograms.com
Aside from using the logo as a whole, there are several elements in this monogram that could be broken up and used separately...
1) The "B"
2) The font used in Renee & Dillon
3) The font used in the date
(note: stick with only these 2 fonts)

These elements can be used in any combination on:
  • Save The Date
  • Invitations
  • Favors
  • Gifts
  • Centerpieces
  • Candles
  • In the candy buffet
  • Banners
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Monogram lighting
  • Thank You cards
  • Wedding blogs & sites
Branding your wedding is really a lot of fun and it can help pull a wedding together no matter what your budget is.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Til You Walk In My Shoes...

I love this picture...

so much that you see it in my header. It's by Aric Becker Photography and he was gracious enough to let me use it. Something about this shot sparks some creativity in me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Is Not A Fight- 365

Love is not a fight by Warren Barfield is a great theme song for marriage. It was featured in the movie Fireproof. LOVE. This.

One Little Word- 365

Ali Edwards started "One Little Word" as a way of focusing on one word for the year rather than New Year's Resolutions. I decided to see how one little word could really change my little world.

My word for the year is HONOR.

I love that word. It's a great word for marriage too.

Hebrews 13:4
Let marriage be held in honor among all.

There are many different definitions of the word honor and I look forward to exploring them all this year.

What would be your one little word?

Wedding Seating

When seating your family for your wedding it is very traditional to seat the bride's family on her side and the groom's family on his side. But did you know that when you do that, everyone is looking at your back?

If you switch sides and have the groom's guests sit behind the bride and the bride's guests on the other side, then your guests will have a much better chance of seeing your face.

Just a little tip for free.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Would You Please Vote For Me?

I am SO sorry I have to beg you, My dear readers for a favor... Please forgive me but....

We're Competing badge

I could really use your help... I need your vote. My business A Time Like This Weddings has been nominated for Best Wedding Officiant (that's me) in the King 5 Evening Magazine Best Of Western Washington. Which I am SO honored.
This is important to me because the recession has hurt my business. This boost in advertising could really help.

Photo credit to www.modeweddings.com (WHO I totally LOVE to work with!!!) And a warm hello to Lindsay & Jason, a beautiful couple who invited me to be a part of their special day.

It's only 1 vote per person, so to be competitive I need a lot of votes. In all fairness, you do have to register to vote... but... it's just a couple questions, and then a click to confirm in your email.
That's it. Once you vote... You will have the opportunity to post it to Twitter and/or Facebook. I would really appreciate anything you can do to help me out. And of course, if you do... please leave a comment and let me know so I can thank you! And also, so I can watch to make sure I support you too.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 10 Tips For A Wedding Without Stress... And Getting To The Altar On Time

I originally wrote this as a guest post for The Very Best Housewife, but I want to share it with you:

As a wedding planner/ officiant I have had the privilege of participating in dozens of weddings. Every wedding I am a part of is deeply personal to me. I am cursed blessed with a combination of deep compassion, sentimentality and a strong sense of justice. If anything goes wrong on a wedding day, I am deeply disturbed. I ache for the bride who has dreamt of this day her whole life. One thing I have learned is that with careful planning, many catastrophes can be avoided.
I am going to share with you some tips for an absolutely flawless wedding day.

1) I appeal to you: have a rehearsal. I know that it costs more and many officiants don't want to do them because they could be doing a wedding during that time, but I assure you that with everything that goes into making that day amazing, it's worth the few extra bucks. It buys you peace of mind knowing exactly how everything will go. When a couple opts not to have a rehearsal, it almost always shows. Invest in a good officiant, your entire ceremony lies in his/her hands.

2) If anything can go wrong... it's often the music. Please make sure your directions are clear. Music is such a vital part of the wedding it's best to use a professional DJ. Rehearse with him/music whenever possible. I don't have a problem with people opting to use their iPods but you need to have someone who knows how to run it. And PLEASE have them fade the music out not just shut if off.

3) If you can hire a wedding coordinator even just for the day, it will be worth every penny. If not, at least delegate everything you can to family & friends. Try not to give yourself ANYTHING to do on the wedding day... other than get gorgeous and meet your man at the altar.

4) Backwards plan. My husband is so good at getting us to every place on time and it's because he is a pro at backwards planning. If your wedding is scheduled to start at 3:00 then you start from there. You literally begin your planning from the, "I Do"s and go backwards. For example:
3:00 wedding
2:00 Arrive at church
means we need to leave by 1:30 (include time to get loaded in the car, etc. It always takes forever
to just get out the door)
12:30 Be Ready and take photographs
12:00 get into dress & accessorize
11:00 Makeup
10:00 Hair
9:30 Arrive at hotel.
Planning this way will make sure that you are on a schedule. That should keep you on time and stress free knowing exactly how much time you have for everything. Build in extra time if you can.
It's always better to have more time needed than less. Please don't be late. Your wedding guests will probably arrive early and it's very important not to keep them waiting not to mention all your vendors.

5) Take care of mundane tasks early. If you can sign your marriage certificate before the wedding (maybe even at your rehearsal) do it and get it out of the way. Things will get busy, you will be anxious to celebrate and it will seem like a bother to have to worry about details later. But signing your paperwork is big deal... you're not married without it.

6) Don't try to memorize anything. If you wrote your own vows, have the officiant hand them to you on a piece of paper so you can read them. If you have a special toast, write it down and give it to someone you can trust to give it to you at the proper time. That's what I mean by delegate: your friends and family will be happy to help with anything, let them.

7) Pack early and be organized. If you are not an organized person by nature, get help. Make lists and get started early. Believe it or not I have seen brides forget their wedding dress. How does that happen? You should have a checklist of everything you need. Pack everything you possibly can early and have it ready to go. Make sure you include an emergency kit: sewing kit, toupee tape, scissors, hemming tape, chalk, Tide-to go sticks, dental floss, clear nail polish, antacids, pain reliever, bandages, breath mints, etc. You can buy a great kit that is already to go here: The Wedding Depot

8) Eat and Drink. The day will be busy. Nerves and excitement may be more than you can even anticipate... you need to be at your best. That means taking good care of yourself. You have to eat and drink plenty of water. You just won't feel well of you don't.

9) Remember what's important: you are marrying the man you want to share your life with. All you really need is him and the officiant. Everything else is just a bonus. If something goes wrong, keep it in perspective, you will still be married at the end of the day. Please keep a good sense of humor. Some little things that go wrong make for charming stories later on. Nothing has to ruin your most special day if you don't let it.

10) Be in the moment! In the blink of an eye it will all be over. Don't just spend time entertaining everyone else but spend time with your new husband. Listen to your ceremony and vows. Eat the food. Drink the wine. Hear the music. Take a moment just to stop and breathe and take it all in.

One final note: the wedding is one momentous day in your life. I hope it is everything you ever dreamed it could be. But once it's all over, the real work begins. I am even more passionate about marriage than I am about weddings... but that's another blog post altogether. Just remember the take responsibility for making your marriage work and when the grass seems greener on the other side (and at some point it probably will) just water your own lawn.

Gina is owner of A Time Like This Weddings in Washington State
Photo credit to Heather Lynn Photographie and TraLa Studios

Monday, June 29, 2009

I love weddings at Indian Summer Golf & Country Club!

It truly is a beautiful setting and Susan (who comes with your wedding at Indian Summer ;-)
is really knowledgeable and helpful. It is such a relaxed atmosphere and Susan takes good care of every one. I just love doing weddings there. www.indiansummergolf.com